Dolly keeps it classy…


dollyparton1-760102Elizabeth Gilbert recounting a story about Dolly Parton. I know, I should hate Elizabeth Gilbert, but I can’t.

In a way, it’s like that story Julia Roberts tells about working with Dolly Parton during the filming of “Steel Magnolias”. Apparently there was a day on set when the electricity went out and it was 100 degrees and humid and people were passing out and cursing and bitching and attacking each other, and there was Dolly sitting there poised as can be, sweat pouring out of her wig, filing her nails. And Julia asked her, “Dolly – aren’t you annoyed by this mess?” and Dolly said, “Honey, when I was a little-bitty girl, the only thing I ever wanted in the world was to be rich and famous, and now that I am, you ain’t gonna hear me complaining.”

Good interview. She also has a great TED talk too.


Love this!

In a column at Salon, Joan Walsh says exactly what I’m thinking:

I had to talk about this on MSNBC’s “Hardball” tonight: the despicable claim by North Carolina GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx that Matthew Shepard was murdered in a robbery, not because he was gay, and thus shouldn’t lead to hate-crime legislation. She called the hate-crime claim a “hoax” – with Shepard’s courageous and heartbroken mother Judy sitting right there.

The cruelty and cluelessness of a growing number of Republicans is approaching the level of hoax.

Seriously. Everytime I read a new article about one of these people, or see something on Fox News, I keep thinking that it can’t be real.

I’m buoyed by the fact that the Fox News stuff probably isn’t. Seeing O’Reilly call out Glenn Beck was enough proof for me. It’s about ratings.

The elected officials acting like oafs,  however, is more troubling. I’d like to think its put on a little heavier for the sake of wooing ignorant voters, but I can’t be sure. Whatever it is, it’s scary.

Shep Smith is awesome

I am, as always, impressed with Shep Smith on Fox News. I know, I know, Fox News? Really.

I don’t know why he’s on Fox News. I guess to give their Fair and Balanced claim a tiny little shred of truth. He doesn’t reveal his politics, he won’t say whether he’s a Democrat or Republic, and I like that about him. During the election time he was forced to interview Joe the Plumber, and he said right to him that he and Palin and the like were inciting hatred and were “dangerous.”

Anyway, as my last bit about the whole torture brouhaha, here is Shep, summing it up so well:

Oh my god I’m a magazine article…

This phenomenon known as the ‘Quarterlife Crisis’ is as ubiquitous as it is intangible. Unrelenting indecision, isolation, confusion and anxiety about working, relationships and direction is reported by people in their mid-twenties to early-thirties who are usually urban, middle class, and well educated; those who should be able to capitalize on their youth, unparalleled freedom and free-for-all imagination. They can’t make any decisions, becuase they don’t know what they want, and they don’t know what they want because they don’t know who they are, and they don’t know who they are because they’re allowed to be anyone they want.

From an article in eyeweekly. Saw it on Mike’s blog. Scary stuff.

Nailed it…

Ta-nehisi Coates, a blogger over at the Atlantic nailed it, as he so often does… really it’s uncanny:

All of that said, what really disturbs me about all of this, is that most Americans still don’t think torture is a big deal. I think in the case of Bush, particularly after 2004, we–the American people–got the government we deserved. I think Bush said a lot about who we were post-9/11. I’d like to see some exploration into how to make this torture argument directly to the people. Maybe we can’t. Maybe people really don’t care that much. But if we’re wondering why Obama isn’t willing to press forward, I think it’s fair to also wonder why the people aren’t pressing him to press forward.