Where my head is at..


I am working as a dog walker this fall. I love it. It’s a good time for thinking, a good head space to be in. I walk around, the weather is wonderful, and I spend all of my time with dogs.

Ask me again in December, but I’m pretty sure this is the perfect side job for a writer. Dogs make very few mental demands when you walk them. It’s all physical and it frees up all of this glorious time to spend in my own head.


A mini review…



I just finished Big Brother by Lionel Shriver. It’s the second book by her that I’ve read recently; earlier in the summer I read We Need to Talk About Kevin. That book is incredible, precisely observational and sharp as a tack. And what a character, Eva Khatchadourian. In Big Brother, we get some of that same sharply observed detail, some of that character building, but ultimately, an unwieldy ending that almost derails the book. It almost seems like Shriver gets 80% of the way in, can’t figure out how to steer it to the end and so cops out. It’s too bad. Very interesting book, otherwise.