Nailed it…

Ta-nehisi Coates, a blogger over at the Atlantic nailed it, as he so often does… really it’s uncanny:

All of that said, what really disturbs me about all of this, is that most Americans still don’t think torture is a big deal. I think in the case of Bush, particularly after 2004, we–the American people–got the government we deserved. I think Bush said a lot about who we were post-9/11. I’d like to see some exploration into how to make this torture argument directly to the people. Maybe we can’t. Maybe people really don’t care that much. But if we’re wondering why Obama isn’t willing to press forward, I think it’s fair to also wonder why the people aren’t pressing him to press forward.

One thought on “Nailed it…

  1. I think a large part of it is that the Leftists and anti-nationalists have expanded the definition of torture past the breaking point.

    Essentially, nearly every interrogation or imprisonment technique is torture in their minds – at least when America or another Developed Nation does it.

    We can mostly all agree that torture is wrong. We can’t seem to agree on what constitutes torture though.

    Notice that waterboarding – which a general consensus agreed WAS torture – was reviled.

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