Alix reads too much…

Alix reads so much that she’s not blogging.

She is writing other things, though, and reading books at an alarming rate. Currently reading those goddamn Dragon Tattoo Hornet’s books, and they ain’t bad. They ain’t great either, but they’ll do.

Tee hee. More where that came from! I think this one is my favorite of the extremely literal book titles:


Why I still love Billy Corgan…

despite all the ego and shenanigans. In Spin:

Should I also not ask about Pavement [who dissed the Pumpkins in their song “Range Life”] then?
They’re just annoying. I think history has judged the bands appropriately: My band continues to be a source of excitement, and their band continues to be a source of record critics’ masturbatory diatribes.