Dolly keeps it classy…


dollyparton1-760102Elizabeth Gilbert recounting a story about Dolly Parton. I know, I should hate Elizabeth Gilbert, but I can’t.

In a way, it’s like that story Julia Roberts tells about working with Dolly Parton during the filming of “Steel Magnolias”. Apparently there was a day on set when the electricity went out and it was 100 degrees and humid and people were passing out and cursing and bitching and attacking each other, and there was Dolly sitting there poised as can be, sweat pouring out of her wig, filing her nails. And Julia asked her, “Dolly – aren’t you annoyed by this mess?” and Dolly said, “Honey, when I was a little-bitty girl, the only thing I ever wanted in the world was to be rich and famous, and now that I am, you ain’t gonna hear me complaining.”

Good interview. She also has a great TED talk too.


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