Went for a 6k walk yesterday, going to do the same today. Atticus is coming with me too.

UPDATE: Forget 6k. I climbed the escarpment and got totally lost and got back home two hours later. More like 10k. Man, I’m exhausted.


We started today!

Atticus and I took an hour long 6km walk around Dundas. No more of those sissy twenty minute walks around the neighborhood. He’s passed out on the ground, and I’m about to do some squats. Guh.

The 11% Challenge

april 002Atticus (my big fat beagle) and I are both slightly overweight. The vet told us Atticus has to lose a few pounds and I figured I could stand to do the same.

So Atticus and I are going to lose 11% of our body weight to put us in a normal-ish range. I suppose we could lose 10%, but 11% is just a snazzier number. I’ll track my progress here, because I figure it’ll keep me honest.