So I read the new Eugenides book…

And I never thought I’d say this, but I agree with the National Post.

But I could have done without most of the first 150 pages of The Marriage Plot, which work through each of the character’s undergraduate backstory, and felt a bit like a rehash of Bret Easton Ellis’s The Rules of Attraction, without the cocaine, which was the only interesting part.

Oh snap.

Basically, this is a book about three assholes. They are 90% full of shit, and 10% right about things, which maybe is the recipe for all twenty-two-year olds. Such a huge disappointment after Middlesex, which is an absolute masterpiece – certainly kicks the shit out of anything Franzen ever wrote.  The female main character in The Marriage Plot is both slightly prettier and slightly richer than everyone else – and that’s it. Not she’s prettier and richer and a raging boozehound like in Gatsby. Or prettier and richer but totally psychotic and fucked up. Nope. Just really pretty, rich, and normal. And totally fucking boring.

Too bad we’ve all been waiting nine whole years for this book. I know it must be hard to top a book like Middlesex, but you must be able to do better than this.