Love this!

In a column at Salon, Joan Walsh says exactly what I’m thinking:

I had to talk about this on MSNBC’s “Hardball” tonight: the despicable claim by North Carolina GOP Rep. Virginia Foxx that Matthew Shepard was murdered in a robbery, not because he was gay, and thus shouldn’t lead to hate-crime legislation. She called the hate-crime claim a “hoax” – with Shepard’s courageous and heartbroken mother Judy sitting right there.

The cruelty and cluelessness of a growing number of Republicans is approaching the level of hoax.

Seriously. Everytime I read a new article about one of these people, or see something on Fox News, I keep thinking that it can’t be real.

I’m buoyed by the fact that the Fox News stuff probably isn’t. Seeing O’Reilly call out Glenn Beck was enough proof for me. It’s about ratings.

The elected officials acting like oafs,  however, is more troubling. I’d like to think its put on a little heavier for the sake of wooing ignorant voters, but I can’t be sure. Whatever it is, it’s scary.

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