Been busy this week…

Doing my patriotic duty at Brutish &  Short.

Canadian music Part 1

Martha Wainwright doesn’t have bangs, but more importantly, doesn’t sound like she has bangs.

Canadian music Part 2

Hawksley Workman has no equivalent, American or otherwise. Most musicians can be compared to somebody — Hawksley certainly has influences, but he mangles them all together in such a way that they come out like musical compost, rich and dense with nutrients. Sometimes he sounds like Prince, sometimes he sounds like Zeppelin, sometimes like Freddy Mercury, sometimes like Katy Perry.

Canadian music Part 3

In parting, here’s a perfect example of what I mean when I say ‘a brave Canadian song’ — basically something Stan Rogers would stomp and sing along to if he were still alive, while Leonard Cohen sat in the corner, nodding approvingly at the lyrics:


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