Good idea, Susannah Breslin…

She writes a blog at called Pink Slipped and she invited young female journalists to pitch a guest post. She got some interesting pitches.  Check it out.

I received almost 50 pitches from across the country and around the world. These young female journalists live in Iowa, New York City, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Liverpool, India, South Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, and Australia. They have graduate degrees in journalism, interesting internships, blogs, a background in poetry, and at least one is a mother.

Their pitches ranged from totally vague to investigative journalism. The most common pitches had to do with being a woman. Several proposed hardcore journalism pieces, including one on the lingering impact of the BP oil spill. More than one referenced Rihanna’s controversial new music video, “Man Down.”

They want to write about poetry, working in a bagel shop, whether or not it’s worth it to get a graduate degree, sexism and the military, women and the prison system, being the new girl at work, human trafficking, the Wicked Witch, 9/11, “normal people,” “hard-ass women,” and the Karen people of Burma.

They are not yesterday’s journalists. They write stories, shoot video, take photographs, and blog. They are on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and LinkedIn. They are keenly aware of their online identities and are busily creating their own virtual brands.


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