More hilarity with your righteous indignation, please…

Still working on David Rakoff’s book, and am particularly loving his essay “Beat Me Daddy” about gay Republicans, published in GQ in 2004-ish. Hilarious, astute, amazing. He wrote about a gay Republican group called Log Cabin Republicans, and had this to say about it:

Such abject masochism may make for great Billie Holiday songs – it kind of ain’t nobody’s business if Lady Day is beat up by her papa; he isn’t hoping to pack the courts with anti-choice troglodytes or to defund social security – but the Log Cabin blues have ramifications beyond the merely personal. It might be a price they are willing to pay for the sweet lovin’ they feel they’re getting from the rest of the GOP package, but I didn’t sign on to get knocked around by someone else’s abusive boyfriend.

In this whole Grizzly Mamas Sarah Palin feminist brouhaha, I’ve never seen a feminist writer take on why it’s so uncomfortable to watch these women sell us out to the GOP in a funny and concise way. There are a tiny handful of funny feminists, but they still aren’t writing stuff this good. He also interviews the head of some Pro-family bigot organization for this piece, who spends nearly an hour obsessing over anal sex, and the following bit of absurd hilarity ensues:

But if Knight displays an obsession with the mechanics of sodomy – simultaneously mesmerized and sickened by the tumescent, pistoning images of it that must loop through his head on a near-constant basis – he is notably impervious to an image he conjures when I submit as how HIV is transmissible through normative, upstanding, God-sanctioned heterosexual congress as well.

“Not as easily,” he says. “The vagina is designed to accommodate a penis. It can take a lot of punishment.”

My regards to Mrs. Knight.

I hate to say this, but if feminists were this fucking hilarious, we would be in much better shape. Can’t someone – other than Alex Pareene, a dude – just absolutely skewer Michelle Bachmann properly and we’ll be rid of her?

And bonus points! He’s Canadian!


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