Ode to the disgruntled…

We watched The Other Guys last night, which was wonderfully strange and totally hilarious. Mark Wahlberg playing an angry guy is one of my favorite things. It doesn’t get any more disgruntled than Detective Terry Hoiyts, the partner to Will Ferrell’s bumbing Detective Gamble – and the scenes where Wahlberg is pissed off at Ferrell, other cops, his Captain, his girlfriend, or the world in general (basically the whole movie) are side-splitting. I don’t laugh out loud at many movies but there were moments in this movie we had to pause and then rewind because we had to calm down and breathe deep until the giggle fits went away.

I am also currently reading Don’t Get Too Comfortable by David Rakoff, a nonfiction writer/regular on This American Life.  He is also often hilariously disgruntled:

It has been a good while since 12:00am held much attraction for me beyond a perfectly lovely time to be ensconced in the comfort of my own home, sitting in my underpants, contentedly worrying about something.

And my husband, who is never disgruntled until he suddenly is,  standing still this morning in his towel fresh out of the shower, trying to find clean socks and not wanting to go to work. As someone who has spent my life in various stages of disgruntled-ness, I completely empathize.

Disgruntled. Looks weird written down. Fun to say. Kind of fun to be.


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