What’s making me happy these days…

A whole lotta Fresh Prince:

I can’t remember why Aunt Helen is in this scene, but who cares? She’s so fucking hilarious.

And nothing makes me laugh more than Will Smith dancing.

Although Carlton is no slouch either:

And so amazing:

I remember being a kid, maybe nine or ten, and watching this and The Simpsons on CBC before supper time.  God, I miss the 90s. And I miss Will Smith being funny, which we will never see again due to his A) scientology, and B) 20 million per movie paycheck.

Still, Fresh Prince is a great show. Really funny, and it did the heavy-handed social issues better than any of the other shows. I like the way they dealt with race, in particular.  Especially this episode:

Man, I wish people could still say “this is just retarded” on TV.


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