But here’s a little secret between you and me, and the rest of the mall: buying shit isn’t enough. What we wish for in our secret hearts is self-expression, the chance to reveal ourselves and be loved for this revelation, devoured by love. And thus, most of go about our duties of commerce and leisure in a state of perpetual longing, with nocturnal excursions into the province of despair.

This book is for those of us who have converted such unrequited desires into noble obsessions. It happen to be about music (as opposed to ice cream or Picasso or the Dallas Cowboys) because music came before anything else, before language and large-scale war and liquid soap, and because music is the one giant thing America has done right, amid all that it has done wrong. Music, that ancient incorruptible bitch.

From Steve Almond’s fantastic new book Rock and Roll Will Save Your Life.

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