This is intriguing…

I just heard this on CBC today even though it’s been out for a month. 4 things are interesting to me here:

  1. Usually when celebrities come together to raise money through music the song blows. Like, it is just awful, e.g. We are the World. This K’Naan song is actually amazing.
  2. I love the mix of douchebags with real artists here. Usually it’s 90% douchebag on these charity singles, with Bono right up front. Like, fine, you’ve got your Avril and your Hedley, Sum 41, Simple Plan etc., but then you’ve got Emily Haines, Corb effing Lund,  Sam Roberts, Hawksley, Serena Ryder, Tom Cochrane, Jim Cuddy and tons of other great artists.
  3. I forgive Nikki Yanovsky for that awful Olympic song for the sweet licks she does on this track. I knew there was a good singer buried under all that schmaltz.
  4. Um, Hawksley kills it.  1:41 in. I love you, Hawksley.

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