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This is a much blogged about post by Julian Sanchez about the right wing echo chamber. He tried to find the reason for it and comes up with some interesting theories. I like:

But as Tucker Carlson won boos for pointing out at CPAC last year, the fact is also that publications like The New York Times fundamentally practice solid journalism. Inevitably, reporters’ and editors’ own views are at least subconsciously going to shape how stories are presented and which are seen as newsworthy in the first place however hard they might strive for objectivity. It’s still more likely when those views are shared by the large majority of the professional community.

Still, there’s a lot of institutional and cultural capital built up in those hoary outlets, which at least produces a set of norms and practices that create pressure toward more fair and accurate reporting—and some of that bleeds over into even the explicitly ideological ones. The output may have varying degrees of liberal slant, but The New York Times is not fundamentally trying to be liberal; they’re trying to get it right. Their conservative counterparts—your Fox News and your Washington Times—always seem to be trying, first and foremost, to be the conservative alternative. And that has implications for how each of them connects to the whole ecosystem of media: Getting an accurate portrait is institutionally secondary to promoting the accounts and interpretations that support the worldview and undermine the liberal media narrative. Perhaps ironically, the trouble is that the novel conservative institutions that have emerged as an effect of technological innovation lack that Burkean reservoir of evolved, time-tested local traditions.

And the really lovely part about this is that he is a part of a the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute, which I don’t know much about, though I have heard it’s a bit nutty.  So yes, the guy writing this is a conservative. With a brain. Intelligently thinking through the problems existing ON HIS OWN SIDE.

I feel like we should throw a parade.


One thought on “Essential reading…

  1. Cato is certainly conservative, but on the libertarian end of things a lot of times. They’re pretty much the only conservatives with a few shreds of intellectual credibility left.

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