This is a really fantastic article by Christopher Beam at Slate. A sort of nonpartisan take on right wing rising start nutjob Andrew Breitbart. If you like good journalism, read the whole thing.

I might regret having said this later when this guy ends up killing an abortion doctor or something, but right now, I find him fairly harmless and quite interesting. Some of the points he makes about the media are true. And you can’t argue that he isn’t seizing a great opportunity. He seems so much smarter than Glenn Beck and a lot less hateful. I mean, he’s hateful, but usually it’s funny, and his contempt seems to be on professional level against other media figures. With Beck, he’s literally spewing hatred about Obama, ethnic groups, progressives, women, etc etc.

This seems to be a trend that’s gaining some momentum: be a conservative pundit, and a wacky one at that, and you’ll gain fame and fortune a lot quicker. You can’t tell me what’s-her-face Ms. California is ACTUALLY conservative, or Ann Coulter for that matter. There are enough skinny blond women that are bleeding heart liberals (e.g. all of Hollywood), but being a skinny blond young CONSERVATIVE woman is a novelty and bound to get you a book deal. It’s also insincere as all fuck. Elisabeth Hasselback is another good example. She grew up in Rhode Island for fuck’s sakes. She was probably smoking doobies at Brown and fucking her communist poetry professor.

From what I know about Arianna Huffington, it seems to be a rare but opposite case of becoming a liberal when the getting was good and making millions. Still, she seems to be the exception. There’s money is to be made in being an insincere conservative. Just ask Sarah Palin.


4 thoughts on “Hmmm…

  1. Interesting Left-wing view on Beck and Breitbart. But, I must ask what quotes do you have by Beck saying he is a racist, homophobic, hate-monger? Oh wait, I forgot “sexist”.

    I watch Beck from time to time, and while he is a whacky guy, he does have quite a bit of documentation about what he says. If you have video of an Obama staffer saying one of their greatest heroes is Chairman Mao, then the point could be made she is pretty far Left. Is this hatred? I would say it is just calling out your opponents. Would it be any different for Keith Olbermann to do the same? And while Olbermann has his “worst person alive” and called Michelle Malkin, “A mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” I dare say that it would be hard to find and equally vitriolic quote from Beck.

    Please let me know the quotes you are speaking of–thanks!

  2. In the interest of hearing different views, I’m going to approve this comment. I’m not, however, going to get into it with you. You obviously don’t realize who you are talking to (a Canadian who is very much neither right nor left wing) and there is ample evidence of Glenn Beck being quite hateful to numerous groups elsewhere on the web. I’ll just leave it at that.

  3. Personally, I love Canada. I simply want a single example of the hatred of Glenn Beck so as to honor your article. If you can post one, I will simply move on. This is not an argument, it is a discussion.
    You must agree that Olbermann’s “Mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” is both hateful and sexist. I just do not recall anything close to this via Beck.
    Thank you for approving my post, and I did not mean to offend you if I did.

  4. I’m not offended. I just find it slightly ridiculous because you obviously think I’m stupid. You automatically assume that I like Keith Olbermann because I dislike Beck, and that couldn’t be more wrong. I think Olbermann is a hack and an idiot and that is an offensive statement. Seriously, I’m just not going to get into this with you. I’ve seen your blog and it’s pretty one-sided, so nothing I can say or show you about Glenn Beck will change your mind. Plus, please re-read the post and note the distinction I made about Breitbart -as in, he gets into it with OTHER people in the media – which is essentially fair game. I would equate the Olbermann comment with that kind of thing – Malkin is a high profile member of the media and she can handle some offensive comments from a buffoon.
    And if you think I’m going to spend my night posting Youtube clips from media matters (that you’ve probably already seen) proving Glenn Beck is hateful then you must really think I’m stupid.

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