This is too funny:

From The Guardian, PEI’s paper:

The statement does not include details of the incident but sources to The Guardian say Guergis was rude and insulting toward staff and the province.
After spending the afternoon in Prince Edward Island for a funding announcement for local women’s groups (see story on page A4), she arrived for her flight out of Charlottetown just five minutes before it was scheduled to depart.
She became testy with staff almost immediately, accusing them of ruining her birthday.
In a detailed breakdown of events written in a letter to The Guardian, a staff person at the airport characterized the behaviour of Guergis’ and her aide Emily Goucher as “so difficult and rude (the Air Canada counter representative) almost refused to allow them to board despite their ‘V.I.P.’ status.”
“They berated him loudly and treated him in a most condescending manner after he told them some of their excessive bags were too large to be carry-on and should be checked,” the employee stated.
Guergis then became even more belligerent in the security screening area. She refused to remove her coat and shoes, and when ordered to do so, threw her boots across the floor. She complained she was going to get stuck on P.E.I., referring to the province as a “hell hole.”
She then tried to force her way through a locked security door. When a security officer stopped her and told her she would have to wait, she shot back at him.
“I don’t need to be lectured by you. I’ve been down here working my ass off for you people.”
She then began banging on the window of the preboarding area in an attempt to get the attention of a flight attendant outside.
Now, I have, once or twice, probably referred to PEI as a hellhole. But have I ever thrown a tantrum at the Charlottetown airport? Nope. In fact, the people who work at the Charlottetown airport are the NICEST airport staff I have ever come across. This bitch should be fired.

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