I knew this bra fitting thing was a scam…

They tell you you’re a 34 quadruple M so that you have to buy a $200 bra, instead of the $30 36D one. My friends have been swearing by this for awhile now, but it always sounded like a bunch of snake oil to me.  Kate Harding explains why:

Did you know that something like 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra? Yes, you probably did, because Oprah and women’s magazines and makeover reality shows and even mainstream newspapers have all been beating that drum for years. Like getting dressed and eating food, choosing a bra has become something only the foolish attempt without expert supervision. Browse the Target lingerie section at your peril, ladies; the only way to be sure you’re not unwittingly looking 10 pounds fatter and possibly setting yourself up for permanent back problems is to go to a specialty store where nothing costs less than $50, invite a stranger to fondle your breasts, and take her word for what size you really are. Even if, as the Telegraph has recently reported, that specialty-store employee has no idea either.

One thought on “I knew this bra fitting thing was a scam…

  1. From a lingerie boutique owner: I’ve seen with my own eyes time and time again how a certain chain will sell a far inferior 34C bra, that doesn’t cost that much less to a woman who in actual fact is a 32D or a 32DD, just to cite one example. Why would they do that — because they don’t have 32D in their assortment of sizes, not to mention a 32DD.

    You get what you pay for! That’s life. In this case, that 34C bra will not last, nor support this woman’s breasts, like the slightly more expensive, and supportive, properly fitted 32D or 32DD from a boutique or good department store would. The 34C bra will start riding up on the back. The added unfortunate consequence of gravity that’s allowed to take control: not so lovely drooping in the front, and your breast weight hanging off your shoulders. Ouch. I’ve seen it!

    Take it from a professional — a trained industry expert fitting you and buying a better bra are both absolutely worth it.

    There is no scam. Just ask my customers.

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