Obama is in the shitbox…

And how is he going to get out of it? So let me get this straight – he’s done very little other than sell out progressives and pander to the right, and yet he’s losing independent voters because he’s “too progressive.” Will he just pander further to the right now? Or will he say “fuck y’all, you hate me anyway, I’m doing this without you?” And I don’t mean healthcare, because that shit has been dead for a long time. I mean on everything.

It strikes me that if you pander to the right that hates you no matter (cough* because you’re black and “radical” and “socialist” and “fascist” and just all around scary *cough), and you alienate your friends on the left, you’re left with um, no one?

And I haven’t talked about this yet, because frankly, to tell the truth, I don’t really care about Obama that much. I’m slightly disillusioned because I thought he was smarter than he actually is, but other than that, I don’t give it much attention. But I do find it an interesting predicament, the one he finds himself in now… I’m interested/dreading to see how it all turns out.

One thought on “Obama is in the shitbox…

  1. The universal healthcare initiative has died in the United States because libertarianism finds its way into both the left and the right streams of political thought in that country. Whenever you hear of the so called “American Dream” you always hear references to liberty and individualism, and very little of community. Quite different from Canada. Plus, the fact that most Americans seem to be in a perpetual “tax revolt,” no matter what the cause, doesn’t help the case for universal healthcare. Oh, and there is the tiny issue of medical industry lobbyists.

    Sure, Obama may not have accurately assessed the political realities of the U.S. when campaigning on increased social spending, but you can’t knock him for trying. After all, he hasn’t been the first to try it; both Nixon and Clinton pushed for universal healthcare during their terms and didn’t come as close as Obama has.

    I don’t think he has alienated himself from the left. I mean there are definitely Dems who oppose his policies, but they are mostly “Blue Dog” Democrats who are more in line with Republicans (ie: hate spending money on ANYTHING), so they were always going to oppose initiatives (like healthcare) that need an increase in taxes, and heavy government spending to function. However, I do agree with your criticism regarding his pandering to the right, and even though I respect his attempts at bipartisan politics, I really think he should have just realized that the right won’t budge and applied a strong Democratic chokehold with the majority he has in every branch of a usually divisive governmental system.

    Give him a bit of a break, goddammit!

    PS: sorry for the length, this could have been a separate blog post.

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