What I’m reading…

Jonathan Goldstein takes some creative license with bible stories and boy, do I ever love the results:

Since the garden of Eden was the very first village and since every village needs a mayor as well as a village idiot, it broke down this way: Eve: mayor; Adam: village idiot. Sometimes when Adam would start to speak, Eve would get all hopeful that he was about to impart something important and smart, but he would only say stuff like: ‘Little things are really great because you can put them in your hands as well as in your mouth.’

Eve would often ponder how one minute she was not there or anywhere and now she was. Adam would ponder nothing. When she closed her eyes at night, Eve knew that the blackness was all things at once. In her dream she danced in the tops of trees. Her beautiful thoughts flew out her ears and lit up the sky like fireflies, and there were all kinds of people to talk to and hug. And then she would hear snoring. She would wake up and there would be Adam, his yokel face pressed right up against hers, his dog food breath blowing right up her nostrils.

Eve stared up at the sky. Adam draped his arm across her chest, and brought his knee up onto her stomach. God, watching in Heaven, must have feared for Adam’s broken heart as though the whole universe depended on it.

So good. So so so so so so good. Funny, beautiful, everything you want in a book. Go buy it.

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