The man is a genius…

Ta-nehisi says stuff I hate to acknowledge, and says it just oh-so elegantly. Fuck I’m jealous:

One more thing–I think if you’re really concerned about equality, be that gender, ethnic, religious whatever, you have to come terms with the fact that this means equality even for individuals you don’t much like. It means equality for people who you feel consciously exploit inequality for their own individual gain.

You don’t get to infer that Juan Williams is a porch monkey because you disagree with him. You don’t get to objectify Sarah Palin because you think she’s an awful person. Not if you expect people to take your concerns seriously. I said this already, but it bears repeating–a principle applied only to people you like, mocks that principal. We don’t raise these questions about gender for Sarah Palin’s benefit–we do it for our own.

2 thoughts on “The man is a genius…

  1. Maybe it’s just my natural leftist boundaries, but I don’t know if I fully buy that. The comments below the original article are quite good, have you read them?

    So does this all come down to the Newsweek photo? If yes, we have some breath to catch. Can we all agree that she’s a politician you’d rather have a beer with than govern your country, that those type of people often don’t belong in major positions of power, and she has some serious learning to do when it comes global issues?

    People are flogging the gender card big time, and so they should. But that doesn’t change the fact that she continually says very stupid things. Her being female and attractive amplifies the media noise, but it’s definitely not the base for people’s antagonism.

  2. Mike, I loathe the woman. She goes against everything I stand for. I don’t take her seriously in any way shape or form, not to mention I think she brings all this shit down on her own head (including the Newsweek cover). I wish people would shut up about the gender thing myself: people don’t hate her because she’s a woman, they hate her because she’s a fucking moron and a despicable liar. I completely agree with you.
    But Ta-nehisi is right. We need to call out sexism and racism when we see it, even if it’s against people who are despicable and anti-feminist.

    This woman isn’t even a politician – she’s a celebrity, she’s a beauty queen. She wants the glory with no accountability whatsoever.

    Plus the campaign to discredit her is really unnecessary. She easily discredits herself. Give her enough rope, etc etc. All anyone has to do (and which Barbara and Oprah didn’t do, unfortunately) is ask her a real question.

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