About to watch Oprah…

and my eye has already started twitching.

Here’s my first question: Ann Coulter wrote an entire book about how liberals want to turn everyone in to victims, including themselves. Obviously, Coulter thinks that those on the right are made of much stronger stuff.

Who’s made herself into a bigger victim than Sarah Palin? I’m pretty sure she’d blame a rainy day in Vancouver on the “liberal-biased-mainstream-gotcha” media. I’ll eat my shirt if she takes ANY responsibility for her disastrous showing in the campaign on Oprah.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter one lick how much proof you show of intellectual inconsistency and hypocrisy (ie. Coulter hates self-victimization but loves Palin and thinks she’s a victim of the vile liberals) from right-wing pundits, they just don’t care. AND NOBODY ELSE DOES EITHER. Why doesn’t it matter anymore?


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