Oh, Oprah…


I’m not an Oprah fan, but I did think that she had a tiny little itty bitty slice of integrity.  Not much, mind you, but a little bit. I am no longer harboring any disillusions. Stephenie Meyer is on Oprah today and Sarah Palin will be on the show on Monday.

Oprah’s ratings have been suffering over the last two years, what with the ascent of Ellen’s show not to mention that her endorsement of Obama has alienated women on both ends of the spectrum, but especially those middle America-hockey-Sarah-Palin-loving moms. So now the pandering has begun HARDCORE. I’ve seen the previews of the Palin interview and it’s just about making me sick. Oprah’s lobbing her softballs and Sarah just winks and ‘you betchas’ her way out of all the important questions.

Now you would think being a billionaire a couple times over would be enough for Oprah, and you would think that she could continue her quasi-progressive agenda without worrying too much about ratings. But no, here she is pandering to “real” American women, quite insincerely, I might add.

I guess I’m really waiting for a powerful, successful so-called feminist woman with a wide-reaching platform to take Palin to task for being A) a moron, B) a drama queen, C) grossly incompetent D) a lying sack of shit and E) a total hypocrite. I’m banking on Barbara Walter’s doing it next week, but I’m not holding my breath. I tell ya, if I was 80-some years old and/or rich as balls, I’d be doing it. What the hell kind of consequences could either Barbara or Oprah have to face that they haven’t already dealt with?


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