Ta-nehisi on the future of journalism…

I was going to wait until all of this was settled to say this, but the Lowery-esque starbursts are over-fucking-whelming: I’ve found Ezra indispensable over the past few months. Gasbags who run off at the lip about how bloggers don’t report, and how bloggers are ruining journalism, need to sit the fuck down, shut the fuck up, read this dude and take notes on how to not suck at your job.

I don’t ever want to brag about not reading–but I’ve basically stopped reading newspaper stories in this case, for Ezra’s blog. (Along with Jonathan Cohn, by the way.) I’m sure part of that is because we’re on the same side. But the other part is that I just find him his writing clearer, his reporting just as good, and his insights much sharper than anything else I’ve seen.

“Oh teh intenetz are eating my jobzzz!!!” Please. Put the bottle down, and step slowly away from the weak-sauce.


4 thoughts on “Ta-nehisi on the future of journalism…

  1. Ok so what do you think about “Citizen Journalism”? You know, average peeps out on the beat reporting in on a site about the news around them. This usually means taking a story from somewhere else and rewriting but hey, its bringing news to one area.

    So are these people legit? Should be listen to them? I read this one called Digital Journal. I like it, it has good coverage if interesting stuff and I like the discussions I can have (try commenting on the G&M website…. not fun).

    However I still find myself fact checking most of what I read (cant trust these amateurs) and wondering if some people can write beyond a grade 4 level.

    in any case, I think Citizen Journalism has a future… just not sure what that is yet.

  2. Yeah, but I saw a cover feature in the globe and mail two weeks ago on a fucking Saturday that was so poorly written and completely ten years out of date on women in Afghanistan.

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