Working on a list…

Callum and I were trying to come up with the top ten TV show relationships (not just romantic ones). Here’s what I came up with. Feel free to add to the list, but if any of you say Ross and Rachel or Seinfeld and Kramer I will reach through the screen and punch you.

1. My first favourite is Stringer Bell and Avon Barksdale from The Wire. The tension builds over three seasons between these childhood best friends, and you just know that no good can come of it. Suberbly acted by Idris Elba and Wood Harris. Just wow.


2. Scully and Mulder. Talk about sexual tension. God I love these two.


3. In a whole different direction: Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy. “Lemon, I give you a simple management suggestion in a professional context, and I get back the second half of a Judy Blume novel.”

liz and jack

4. A dog and a baby. Who would’ve thought?


3 thoughts on “Working on a list…

  1. Can I suggest a 3-way? It will reveal the geek in me but the combination of Spok, Bones, and Cpt. Kirk gave Star Trek a loveable dimension. Strong personality traits balance out.

    For something less geeky and more modern I really like the dynamics between Jason Schwartzman and Ted Danson in Bored to Death. Danson is great in this show and there is a cool brother like friendship where you would expect a father-son thing normally.

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