Lines from a notebook

“The photo of Irving Layton keeps staring at me like he and God are in cahoots about my literary abilities. Talk about daunting.”

-Me, sometime in June 2009

2 thoughts on “Lines from a notebook

  1. Hey Alix, I really like the blog, I went back this morning and read up on what I’ve missed. Also, in regards to your Paul McCartney vs John Lennon question, I always felt that Paul Bettany sums it up best.

    “The world is split into two kinds of people, those who would go out for a drink with John Lennon, and those who’d choose Paul McCartney … After the Beatles came back from India, Lennon wrote ‘Happiness Is a Warm Gun’ and McCartney wrote ‘Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da’. End of argument.”

  2. That’s a bullshit answer, because if you look at the rest of the White Album he also wrote Helter Skelter, Blackbird, Why Don’t We Do in the Road, not to mention numerous other gems. Don’t get me wrong, I think John Lennon is a genius. I just think that McCartney gets shit on and seen as a lesser talent, and it’s absolutely not true. He was the melodic anchor of the Beatles, especially in the early years and every bit as deserving of the genius label as Lennon.

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