It’s list time… I can’t resist

Okay. List ’em.

The most underrated guitar players, the king of which is, number one on the list, Ry Cooder.


Number two: the guy who can say the most in the least amount of notes. Seriously, he tells his life story in one sustained note of a solo. John Frusciante.


Number three: I just love this guy. The only thing more beautiful than his guitar playing is his pedal steel playing. Without this guy’s crazy phrasing, the Edge would still be playing like Eric Clapton, or some other lame duck. Daniel Lanois.


Number four: I am sick of people trashing this guy. He’s the only person in the world who has as much fun with a guitar as Eddie Van Halen. His playing is so uber confident, so exuberant, and so unexpected. Seriously, Brad Paisley solos make me laugh in disbelief. In a good way.


Number five: This guy isn’t underrated as an artist, but he is underrated as a guitar player. He channels the blues in a whole lot of cool ways. I dig it. Jack White.


Bonus: Buddy Guy. What’s the deal with BB King anyway? Buddy Guy is a bazillion times better. End of story.


Who do you think? Did I miss anybody?


4 thoughts on “It’s list time… I can’t resist

  1. Richard Thompson! Check out his thumbin the top strings. He played at the jazz fest last summer, I heard. and he never takes off the beret

  2. whats the deal with bb king, in the blues there is not really a better or worse, robert johnson only played like 3 chords his whole life and i think one or two people liked him didnt they?

  3. I’ve seen Buddy Guy twice since I moved to Chicago. Never playing the guitar though. He owns a blues club here, and when he’s hosting a blue band, he’ll usually agree to come up and sing a number with them. He’s blew my mind both times. I could only imagine what would happen if he did have his guitar.

  4. He’s amazing. I hope to be coming through Chicago in the fall, and I would love to go to his blues club. I’ve heard so many awesome things about it.

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