Guilty as charged…

I read an op-ed in the New York Times today about The Daily Me. Nicholas Negroponte, a professor at M.I.T’s media lab coined the term to refer to the fact that most of the news we now receive is online, and as a result, we are our own gatekeepers.

In his op-ed, Kristof points out that

there’s pretty good evidence that we generally don’t truly want good information, but rather information that confirms our prejudices… The decline of traditional news media will accelerate the rise of the Daily Me, and we’ll be irritated less by what we read and find our wisdom confirmed more often. The danger is that this self-selected ‘news’ acts like a¬†narcotic, lulling us into a self-confident stupor through which we perceive in blacks and whites a world that typically unfolds in grays.

Maybe so. But, in my own defense, I do read every morning just to add a nice little bit of outrage to my usual toast and peanut butter breakfast. Really, though, let’s be honest, none of us read/watch Fox to get a second opinion – we watch it to feel disgusted/outraged/smug — and usually, it is pretty funny. Although if you ever want to scare yourself, read the comments after the articles. I don’t even know where they dig these people up. Hateful doesn’t even begin to describe it. They make Rush Limbaugh look like Paul McCartney. These people are already so deeply into that “self-confident stupor” there’s no digging them out, black man in the White House or not.

Am I any better, just because I can read Stuff White People Like and laugh at myself?


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