Tell me…

What’s your favorite street you’ve ever walked down? What does it look like? Smell like? Sound like?

I want to compile an atlas of awesomeness from everyone’s answers.

Mine might have to be St. Denis in Montreal: Beatnik Records, that place with the banana rum cake that Lisa used to bring over, that cool Halloween party Greg and I went to, long long long walks, L’Academie (mmm moules frites), feeling like a tourist and a native Montrealer all at once, springtime walks with Elysse, skipping school to buy new Converse sneakers at the bitchingly cool shoe store, getting drunk with Mom at that Italian restaurant…

It smells like everything, depending on what block you’re on. Smells like food below Sherbrooke. Smells like money above it.

Your turn. Post some comments.


3 thoughts on “Tell me…

  1. You beat me to the St. Denis punch. shame. It’s just too good.

    Laurier between Parc/St. Laurent is up there too.

  2. Hi Alix,

    This is Denis from the MFA blog and M2C2. I’m going to think about this and then write about it and then I might post an excerpt up here for you. Great idea! Maybe I could suggest a topic next time.

    PS. Loved your essay, hope that critique was helpful.

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