Tina Fey and Her Effing Donuts…



If I hear Liz Lemon make one more joke about how much she eats and how disgusting it all is, I’m going to lose my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely impressed with the writing on 30 Rock, and I think Lemon is a great character with very human and hilarious flaws. As a writer, I can appreciate how hard it can be to create that kind of character.

But why the food? Tina Fey is skinny, and presumably works half-decently hard to stay that way. And yet she’s supposedly an unattractive pig on the show.

I’m obviously not suggesting that Tina Fey should put on some weight – that would be ridiculous. I know how Hollywood works. It’s just a shame that she’s not as physically schlumpy as her character ought to be. It’s a shame that she doesn’t once come out and say “Holy shit, I eat so many friggin donuts – I should be way fatter but I’m not. Sucks to be you, fat person.” I think that would be way funnier than another lame “Oh my god I ate six pizzas last night” joke.

I wish that there could be a show in which someone who eats her feelings constantly like Lemon does is actually a size 14.

Tina Fey seems to be pretty smart, so I can’t for the life of me figure out all the food jokes.


One thought on “Tina Fey and Her Effing Donuts…

  1. 30 rock is less rock, more Cathy comic strip. the writing is still clever, but lemon’s character hit a brick wall last season. are we really supposed to wait until she inevitably gets older and we feel bad for laughing?

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